We are a Gr. 5/6 class Cree First Nation in rural northwest Saskatchewan.
Our class has 15 students altogether. Our school is a Pre-K to Gr. 12 school.
The class of 2012-2013 have come up with the following answers to your questions!

What games are you playing at school?
- playground game: grounders
- soccer
- skipping
- classroom game: Top Trumps, math facts Around the World
- tag
- basketball
- baseball
- volleyball
- badminton
- British Bulldogs

Are you collecting cards/stickers/toys?
- a few collect coloured pop tabs to wear on chains around their necks
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQOP3lEpTmskvP1UwZq-3IhbirURQD5dT9uMqshTw--pn-lQOo2
- 1 student collects their birthday cards
- 1 student collects stickers
- 1 student likes to collect model airplanes

Is there a particular pastime that is popular at the moment?
- playing soccer
- volleyball

What about favourite TV programs or characters?
- Spongebob Squarepants
- iCarly
- Victorious

Are there any popular books that you are reading?
- The One and Only Ivan (Global Read Aloud project 2012)
- Diary of a Wimpy Kid books
- Draw 50 books
- Guinness Book of World Records books
- Poison Apple Series

Is there any particular style of clothing or brand that is very popular?
- DC is VERY popular for clothes/shoes
- Element
- Adidas
- Nike
- Puma
- Volcom

Any other exciting crazes where you are?
- wearing a baseball hat with a straight bill
- using Mathletics and Edmodo in computer class

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