we are in 6th grade at warner upper elementrey, our last year at warner, we have lots of after school clubs and activities, including vollyball, diversity (world languges) and chess, we also elect students for student counsil and have our own warner bank run by the students. our logo is the warner viking and we always make sure to follow the warner way, Respect Responcibility and Safty. in the Farberonnie classroom we always push ourselfs to do our best and have lots of commitieys including thenewsletter commitie, a different groupe of students make a news paper about our classroom every month. we also have weekly assemblys (when we get together with ohter classrooms and do fun stuff) and read arounds (every week we write a story and read it to the class, than we give each other feed back) the school recently did a charity project called opperation commen good, where we donated money to the people in need. feild trips are essential to our learning for example, we just went to a mapmaking company called the GIS, but somtimes we have feild trips right in our own classroom, a farberonnie favorite is a speaker named Mr. Baker who has come in to tell us about the native americans, the slave trade, and lots of different animals. we have lots, of speakers and people that come to help us learn, but Mrs. farber also like to help other people laern to be great teacher so we've had our fair share of student teachers, like our newest farberonnie helper, Ms. Alana who will come a couple days a week to learn the farberonnie way and the old student teacher (Mr. patrick) just gradurated collage he helped us so much including a sports event called battlew of the middles, where the teaccers from diffrent schools got together to play basketball against each other we are exited and happy to be participating in this projest wth all of you

Here are some crazes most kids from our class love...

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This is Gangnam Style! It is a catchy song written by a korean man!

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