Hello all!

We are grade 3 in Makassed khalil Shehab School. We live in Lebanon, Beirut that is located in Western Asia.


We really enjoyed reading and watching your latest crazes in school, we felt that we have common things among many schools and it made us aware of all your costumes and traditions. We are really excited to be part of this project and being able to share information about our school and country with you all. We are friendly and we love to meet students from all over the world. This is our school blog, feel free to view it:


In order to tell you our latest crazes, each one of us made a presentation showing and telling about the latest crazes, thus we came up with the table below. Hope you'd enjoy watching and reading our crazy crazes!

Games we are playing at school:

- Football

- Basketball

- Monopoly

- Hide and seek

- Uno

- Tag


- DVDs

- Coins from different countries

- Smurfs and Dora cards

- Ps3 cds

- Small cars

- Football cards

- Balls

- Stickers

Popular particular past time:

- Hula hoop

- Board games

- Dancing like gang men

- Smurfs cartoon

- Playstation3

- Wii

Favorite TV programs :

- Animal planet

- National geography

- Sponge bob

- Ben 10

- The voice

- Baby’s day out

- Tom and jerry

- Wizards of Waverley place

- Good luck Charlie

- Jessie

Popular books:

- Fun at the farm

- Walter and the tugboat

- Dinasours

- The teny weeny tadpole

- Bridges

- Hansel and grittel

Particular style of clothing and brands:

- Puma

- Nike

- Different kind of braids

- Spiky hair

- Jeans and sweater

- Beret hats

- Cute ear muffs and scarves

- Leather jackets

- Colored jeans

- Hoodies

Favorite movies:

- The princess and the frog

- The little mermaid

- Snow white

- Cinderella

- Spider man

- The chipmunks

- Spy kids

Favorite characters:

- Ben 10

- Ariel

-Teddy in Good luck Charlie

- Alex from Wizards of Waverley Place

- Sponge bob

Favorite songs:

- The wheels of the bus

- Three little monkeys

- We are the world

- Tell me why

Wait! we are not done yet. We took some pictures while presenting our information so that we can show you our favorite stuff. We also have some videos for you, enjoy it!

Now you can watch Mahmoud and Jamal sining one of our favorite songs.Moreover, Mahmoud is going to show us some of his cds collection.