What are Crazy Crazes??

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Hello there!

Each year our Grade 4s look at the current crazes in
our school and amongst their peers in South Africa. They
also interview their parents and grandparents to find out
what was fashionable and the craze of the day when they
were children. We only do this later in our school year
(September), but we would like to open it up to the world
right now!

We'd like to invite children from classes around the
world to give as an idea of what is popular and fashionable
in their part of the world.
  • What games are you playing at school?
  • Are you collecting cards/stickers/toys?
  • Is there a particular pastime that is popular at the moment?
  • What about favourite TV programmes or characters?
  • Are there any popular books that you are reading?
  • Is there any particular style of clothing or brand that is very popular?
  • Any other exciting crazes where you are?

We'd love you to share your experiences with us!


The Grade 4s at Elkanah House, Cape Town, South Africa

Teachers, please see the project brief below:

Crazy Crazes 2012 - 2013
Project Coordinator: Mrs Karen Stadler
Email: Mrs Stadler

Goals of this project:
  • to provide our students with a global view of what is happening elsewhere in the world
  • to give students an opportunity to share their experiences with others
  • to offer opportunities for students to practice giving meaningful feedback to students
  • to learn about cultures and communities different from one’s own

Duration: June 2012 - May 2013

Target Grade Levels / Age Group: Grades 3 - 7 (9 -13 years)

How this project works:

  • Teachers can email Mrs Stadler to have a page created in this wiki, for their class.
  • On that page you may share with us in any format you like, the crazes/fads that are happening in your school and country.
  • Feel free to use any form of Web 2.0 tool that is possible to use within Wikispaces e.g. videos, photos, PhotoPeach, Animoto, VoiceThread, Glogster, Prezi etc.
  • Plain written pieces from the children are welcome too!
  • Feel free to make the page your own.
  • Please add a little information about your class, school and where you are from, so that our children can learn from each other.
  • Let's make learning FUN!

I look forward to working with you all and I am excited about this project. Happy learning everyone!

Karen Stadler
ICT Integration Co-ordinator
Elkanah House Senior Primary
Cape Town
South Africa